Examples and teasers of Sue Healey's On View. Music By Myself and Darrin Verhargen.

'On View' - Portraits of Australian Dance Artists, excerpts from Stage 1 development, Sue Healey from Sue Healey on Vimeo.

The debut, and latest albums from Glasfrosch, composed and produced by Justin Ashworth.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Animation sounds

Mel Acker from TAM Projects made this little experiment, and I made a percussion score for her to play with.


Sophia Hanover made this animation to one of my Glasfrosch songs.

Monkey Business is a short animation by Sophia Hanover that I did the sound score for in 2010.

Claw Machine is a short animated piece I completed during my score and sound design studies.

Damnata is a short suspense/horror type animation in an animated comicbook style. Made by Edward Rocha in late 2012. I did all the sound design/fx and music.

This piece is called Visceral, by Lerms, an artist based in CancĂșn. The score was made to a rough animatic.

My first collaboration with Lerms, his first little animation uses an instrumental edit of Glasfrosch's debut single Green.

Tropical from lerms on Vimeo.

A brief example of electronic experiments.

An example of different sound/remix pieces from the past year or so. including excerpts from an experimental album I made in 2007.

Over the beginning of 2012 I embarked on a project with animator Sophia Hanover on a daily sound and vision project. Making a 10 second looping piece each day for February and into March.

Doom to fungi...

Doom to fungi was the first thing I ever scored. It's made entirely from manipulated voice samples.